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We think differently about what it takes to build relationships with the best consumers and induce trial and conversion in a meaningful way. Our solutions outperform current industry methods more than 3-to-1. Gigway is an Idealab company. Idealab has backed many successful Internet companies including Overture, Citysearch, Picassa, Commission Junction and many others.

We demystify offers, rewards and promotions, ensuring a path to profitable and engaging growth. We are putting the power of conversion back into the hands of marketers by creating unparalleled context and relevance for consumers.

Partnering with us is easy: install our SDK into your mobile app or our Javascript into your mobile or desktop web environment, and start rewarding your customers the way they should be, while you tap into a new revenue stream.

Everyone wins: Consumers earn rewards, you tap into new revenue streams, and together we create incremental value for your users that drive repeat purchases.

Gigway was founded in 2011 and is based in Pasadena, California at Idealab (www.idealab.com). We operate the Punchcard mobile app, and create a path for our clients and partners to profitable and engaging growth.

Join us in creating unparalleled context and relevance for your consumers today.




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